The Amazon S3 Storage Lens

Thinking of reducing cost of storage in your S3 bucket? Storage cost can be a pain in the neck especially if you don’t want to get rid of the data immediately. This little feature from Amazon Web Services (AWS) could be your life saver to managing and reducing your cost drastically, and let you manage your objects in S3 bucket efficiently.


Today we are talking Amazon S3 storage lens, how it could be of help to you and your organization.

Amazon S3 Storage Lens is a new feature offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) that provides a comprehensive view of your Amazon S3 storage usage and activity. It enables you to identify trends, view recommendations, and get insights to optimize your storage costs and improve performance.

S3 Storage Lens collects and analyzes S3 storage metrics, such as object count, object size, request count, and data transfer. It also provides a dashboard that shows you a summary of your storage usage and activity. You can filter and group your data by account, region, bucket, and prefix to gain insights into your usage patterns.

S3 Storage Lens also provides recommendations to help you optimize your storage usage and reduce costs. For example, it can suggest that you move infrequently accessed data to a lower-cost storage class or archive it to Amazon S3 Glacier. You can also use the dashboard to identify unused buckets, identify any buckets with public access, and view access patterns and permission settings for your S3 buckets.

S3 Storage Lens can be used for both operational and business reporting. You can use it to monitor and troubleshoot operational issues such as high object counts or data transfer costs, and you can also use it to report on usage trends and costs to your management team..

Amazon S3 Storage Lens is a data analytics and visualization tool that provides insights into object storage usage and activity across an organization’s AWS accounts. It allows you to understand and optimize your object storage usage, identify cost-saving opportunities, and improve security and compliance posture.

With S3 Storage Lens, you can do the following:

  1. Gain visibility into S3 usage across your organization: Storage Lens provides a centralized dashboard that aggregates metrics and insights from multiple AWS accounts, regions, and buckets. You can quickly identify trends, anomalies, and opportunities for optimization.
  2. Analyze usage and activity metrics: Storage Lens provides a set of pre-built metrics, such as storage utilization, object counts, and data transfer, as well as customizable metrics based on tags, object properties, and access patterns. You can slice and dice the data to get a granular view of your S3 usage and activity.
  3. Identify cost-saving opportunities: Storage Lens provides recommendations on how to optimize your S3 usage to reduce costs. You can identify idle or infrequently accessed objects, delete unnecessary versions or incomplete multipart uploads, and transition data to lower-cost storage classes.
  4. Improve security and compliance posture: Storage Lens provides visibility into object-level access and activity logs, allowing you to detect unauthorized access attempts, enforce data retention policies, and comply with regulatory requirements.


  1. Automate actions with S3 Intelligent-Tiering and Amazon S3 Lifecycle policies: Storage Lens integrates with S3 Intelligent-Tiering and S3 Lifecycle policies to automate data tiering and lifecycle management based on usage patterns and cost-effectiveness.

Whenever you are having the challenges to deal with storage cost remember S3 storage lens is there for you to advantage of the numerous features. Amazon S3 Storage Lens is a powerful tool that provides insights and recommendations to optimize your S3 usage, reduce costs, and improve security and compliance posture.

If uses Amazon S3 to store files and images in a variety of storage classes, and the S3 costs have increased substantially for a very long time you can             Amazon S3 storage lens can help you review data trends for the past 12 months and identity the appropriate storage class for the objects to reduce cost.

In summary, Amazon S3 Storage Lens is a powerful feature that provides visibility into your S3 storage usage and activity, enabling you to optimize your storage costs and improve performance in all your S3 buckets. All you have to do is to upgrade the default dashboard to include advanced metrics for storage trends.


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  1. Great job regarding S3 lens. The lifecycle policies are amazing with the intelligent tiering.

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