Let's reduce your cloud cost and align it with your business goals.

Cloud offers boundless opportunities for organizations to innovate and scale faster, but managing your cloud cost in a dynamic environment isn’t a work in the park. If you’ve started getting headaches about it, talk to a professional FinOps team now!


We will help you with the visibility to creating shared accountability.


We will help you identify efficiency opportunities and determine their value.


We will define and implements processes that achieve the goals of technology, finance, and business.

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What We Do

Our team is passionate about solving problems and truly understanding our clients so we can provide premium service.

Our goal at Smart Cloud Cost is to take the stress out of managing your cloud spend and transform it into a culture that works for your business, not against it.

It’s our commitment to align your cloud spend with your business goals.

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The Status Quo is Expensive

Change is scary. But, the true cost of inaction is even more  scarier.
Smart Cloud Cost works with clients to find cost-effective, practical solutions to your cloud cost concerns that you can actually implement.
With an engineering-led and finance conscious approach, we’ve saved clients hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Highly skilled DevOps Engineer with expertise in FinOps and cloud cost optimization
Bukky Oko
Cloud Engineer
Highly skilled AWS Cloud Engineer with expertise in FinOps and cloud cost optimization
John Oseto Imonikhe
Cloud Engineer
Cloud engineer with over 7 years of experience provisioning cloud resources
Babajide Okeowo
Cloud Engineer

Let’s get to work and reduce your next cloud bills...